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Undertale Dock Icons Pack - Sans The Funny Bone by courage-and-feith Undertale Dock Icons Pack - Sans The Funny Bone by courage-and-feith
512x512 Pixels PNG Format Icons done in GIMP.

I've once googled for dock icons of this game and I couldn't find anything at all. So, I decided to create some game dock icons based on some characters from the game and share them with the public, starting by the laziest of the bunch: Sans-cullote.

The zip file has four dock icons of your favorite joker so you can have a skele-ton of fun! Sans Trombone icon 

~ Credits, credits, credits ~

Dock Template by OutlawNinja -…

Undertale Logo by (Forgot to add it in the "readme" but it's here on dA. For great justice.)

Artworks used in the docks:

v1 -…

v2 -…

v3 -…

v4 -…

If you are one of the artists who owns one of these artworks used in the dock icons and want it removed because you don't want your art used elsewhere or due to any other personal reasons, please post a respectful comment or send a respectul note to me on the lines of "I want dock icon 'X' to be removed because of this and that" and I'll gladly remove it so and replace the removed icon with a in-game picture or official artwork of the character.

Aggressive comments/notes and threats of any sort will be hidden/reported and all you'll get from me is a free block.
"Don't kill, and don't be killed", as to quote a certain goat.

"Leading Brand UNDERTALE-type Software" © Toby Fox a.k.a. The Annoying Dog, 2015.
OutlawNinja Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2016
Nice work, thanks for the link back :ninja:
courage-and-feith Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2016  Student Writer
You're welcome. And thanks for creating the template. :)
OutlawNinja Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2016
My pleasure.
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November 21, 2016
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