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Just passing to tell about some stuff I've been doing:
  • The time that I passed in the hospital has made me realize that I should work more in my stories and fanfictions that I've been writing, you know. Since I also don't play MMORPGs anymore, it will be more easier to me to work on them. I've been even thinking of "reviving" my "dead" Fanfiction.Net account.
  • After my PC went to maintenance, I finally got ahold of Windows 7 Pro SP1 which he installed in my PC (R.I.P. Windows XP SP3). Now I know why people don't want to "degrade" any time soon. :XD:
  • Who knows, maybe I'll be around adding some more nice art in my favorites and gallery.

Anyway, have a nice end of week everyone. ;)

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We staid looking for each other for some time. Who cares how long was it! What's important that it's been the best minutes of our lives. We're starting to look beyond our differences, appearance and origins and looking to ourselves as equals, free thinkers, free beings and free souls.

But what about love ?”, you may ask.

Ah, love... Love is the inner strength, the fuel that moves the beings to do anything they want if used correctly.

“He” can be also used to unite beings that are separated by all sorts of obstacles, be it internally or externally, which is happening to me and Citrine at this very moment. And, like I said before, love can make two completely different beings look like equals, can make their feelings and thoughts act as one, like in a perfect symmetry.

Like an opera concert, where all instruments play in perfect harmony, without any problems whatsoever.

That surely was a moment to take to our hearts.

“-You did not invite me to just see the stars, did you ?”, she asks with that sweet voice I never get tired of hearing.

I reply with sincerity, in a calm voice:

“- No, Citrine...I also invited you to tear apart our differences and understand each other. I confess that I'm blessed for meeting you.”

She replies, with her shiny, half closed eyes and pretty smile towards me:

“- And I confess  that I am glad for had found someone like you, Goblinko: wise, free and...”

“-.....cute ?”, I reply, suggesting a nice adjective to me.

“- I would say sincere, however, I have to say that you are also a cute rotund bat.”, she replies, giggling afterward.

“- 'Chubby' bat would be the correct term, alien gal.”, I reply, smiling with a skeptical look.

Then she lifts herself up and jumps off from the rock and walks to me until she stops by my right side. She proceeds to slowly lay down sideways on the grass by my side, turning her head and looking at me, accompanied by her sweet voice, which is music to my ears:

“- May I stay together with you, to admire this night some more ?”

“- S-sure you can.”, I replied in an heartbeat, and she turns her body and look to the stars, taking a deep breath afterwards.

However, before I could ever watch the stars, I keep watching her while almost getting hypnotized by her beauty.

Oh yeah, I wonder if I watch the stars with her or watch this yellow star that's close to me. Ha, ha, ha...

After looking at her for a moment, I turn my look to the beautiful night above us for some minutes. Then she breaks the silence again, turning her shiny eyes and pretty smile to me, saying the following:

“- So, tell me more about this journey of life.”

I look into her eyes and reply, smiling back to her:

“- Well, adding to all that I said before, in this journey we live our dreams and ambitions, we find ourselves, we constantly learn valuable lessons, learn with our mistakes and improve with them, giving no room for perfectionism and absorb what's gonna benefit you and make you mature as individual and reject what's gonna put you down. In my opinion, all boils down to be your best self, to have your custom universe, personality, behavior, tastes and so on. And, of course, live your life to the fullest without stereotypes, labels and standardized behaviors.”

I was expecting to start another healthy debate with her, however, she picks and holds my right hand, looking me in the eyes and asking with the sweetest of voices:

“- Can two beings share the same journey, despite their differences ?”

Which made me feel happy but also ashamed inside. Happy for she starting to like from my presence and ashamed because, of course, this was an unexpected gesture. But I can't miss the chance to approach myself from her.

I feel like that we have some things in common, and I could care less that she's not perfect enough to be the girl of dreams. What matter is that If you like from someone, you're accepting him or her for what he or she is, with their qualities and faults.

I reply, smiling to her and saying in a calm and gentle voice:

“- If their love or friendship is sincere and mutual and if they look to themselves beyond their differences, yes. Yes they can, Citrine. It's like they say....”

“-...Two heads are better than one., we said at the same time, and I complemented:

“- Or better yet: two hearts beat better than one.”

We exchange looks again, and I wish I knew for how much long. It's always a special moment when this happens, and I feel so happy, so comfortable, so harm and so good with her that...That I wish I could've knew this alien woman earlier. I just hope she feels the same about my presence in her life.

Still holding hands, we lifted up and stood on our feet looking to each other. Afterward, she makes a confession:

“- *sighs* I have been giving so much priority to my 'job' that I simply forgot many things: my own life, that living goes beyond reports, how good is to feel this...'heat' that comes with close relationships. I also forgot how to live, and to make part of this so called Journey of Life.....”

She looks down, and I notice that her eyes are becoming tearful, which gets me by surprise. While tears fall from her eyes and she starts sobbing, she opens her heart to me while looking at me with a sorrowful face:

“- Sorry, Goblinko... (sob) It's because I...(sob)I just want to live my own life like you do, you know.....But...all my life now is.....(sob)resumed to reports, researches, studies and etcetera....I wish I could got rid of all this and walk in my own journey......”

She struggles to continue, however, she starts to cry and holds my hand tighter than before. After some seconds, she tries to talk again:

“-....Forgive me, Goblinko... But.....(sob)I am afraid that I can't stand to stay stranded in this planet anymore due to not only my damn job but...(sob)but also because I do not want to stay alone anymore.....I(sob)...I can not take this loneliness anymore.....”

She cries once again, and, as I've thought, her life wasn't of her property anymore: now, she was literally “bound” to this job that she couldn't even have a chance to “extract” and learn something with life. She became nothing but a “tool”, an object. And I guess it's up to me to change this situation, to guide and help her to take her own life back once again.

Slowly, I hold her up by her waist, flying up above the forest with her afterward. Conveniently or not, it seems like if the light of the moon is following us, as a spotlight of sorts. While she's hugging me, I say the following words to her, in a calm, patient and serene voice:

“- You are bigger, more precious and valuable than your duties, Citrine. Don't allow that these obligations bind you: be free, like me. Instead of wishing for better days, make them happen in your life from now on.”

With tearful eyes, she replies:

“-...but it is not that simple, Goblinko.”

But I encourage her:

“- Nothing in the journey of life is so simple, Citrine. However, if you are courageous enough to do the first step, everything becomes more easy. Also: courage doesn't mean lack of fear to do things but it means to do your best even scourged by it.”

We then slowly start to smile to each other, and she replies:

“- Thank you for supporting me, Goblinko. I feel myself more secure now that I have someone to rely on in this crazy planet.”

Our eyes meet themselves again, but at this time, we feel attracted to each other, like if love started to wrap us in its heartwarming hug. Then, it wasn't “you and “I anymore: it was “us”. This love came to stay, I can fell it...

Then, looking into her serene, shining and tearful eyes, I say:

“- Citrine...Since the first time I met you, I wanted to confess you how I love you so much, and how you're beautiful, sweet, gentle, intelligent, attractive and kind.”

She then replies, with her usual tender voice:

“- And I never imagined to find someone who I could count on and suppress my loneliness.Thanks for being with me...Bob.”

Afterward, we silently exchange looks, getting our faces closer and closer to each other.

Slowly our mouths touch themselves....and our first kiss happens. This is the apex of our meeting, which seals the start of a wonderful relationship between two different beings from distant universes.

It's sure an epic and remarkable moment....

He, he, he, he, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha......

 Excuse my laughter, but I'm soooo happy to be together with her! This is the best moment of our lives....

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She looks at me with a skeptical look and opens a beautiful yet sarcastic smile towards me:

“- Hmm....I'll think about your proposal, Mr. Robert....”, and her look turns towards the starry sky above us.

The scene leave her enchanted, and she comments on it, now with a sincere smile, however, I could see her sad expression in her face:

“- It has been a long time since I had stopped to appreciate the natural resources of this planet and all that it has to offer to us.”

She looks frustrated with something. Looks like she's so busy with her “job” that she hasn't enough time to live her own life, which seems to not belong to her anymore. But how she's supposed to learn to live if she bases her life style on her “reports” instead of seize her life and be the mistress of her destiny ? Perhaps rewrite her own story ?

She needs her life back, and I feel like that this so called “winds of destiny” reunited us for this purpose...But honestly, I believe that our choices, actions and words mold our destiny instead of an imaginary “superior” force that controls our steps.

We, and only we, are able to make our own destiny, and nobody else. One must not base his or her life on others' opinions or judgments but on his or her qualities, abilities, knowledge and wisdom.
ecause in the end of the day, nothing will happen if you don't do the first step. And this, no gods or deities will do it for you. It's up to you to take control of your destiny and mold the reality around you according to your personality and life style.

My gosh! That was such a “mini essay”, isn't it ? He, he, he, he....I can really get deep in a topic sometimes.

Feel free to disagree with me. As someone said: “truth is no more than a point of view”, which changes and varies from a certain reality created by a certain being from another reality created by another being.

So, there's no 'absolute truths' or even 'unquestionable' topics. All opinions, for more that they sound concise, precise and clever and not safe from disagreements or being questioned.

Oh my! I'm feeling myself like a teacher, aren't I ? Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha....

Anyway, let's go back to...where was I ? Oh, yeah, I've asked Citrine to watch the stars with me, of course!

After her comment, she turns to me and says:

“- I would be glad to accept your invite, Mr. Robert. Perhaps this image will help me cheer up.”

“-Just call me 'Bob', 'Goblinko', 'Gobby' or even 'Bob Jones', lady.”, I advise her, because I like to be called by my nicknames. I don't feel myself so much at will with all this formality, you know...I like from my real name, however, when someone calls me Mr. Robert, I feel like I'm back to school again.....Oh, well....

She replies to me, still with that cute smile of hers without that sad look from before:

“- As you wish, Goblinko.”, while her appearance looks more friendly, warm and gentle now, which made me happy because this is my chance to get closer to her.

After it, I pointed with both of my hands to the big rock I was laid on and said:

“- You may lay there and enjoy the show, alien lady.”

“- Oh, thank you. But it's not uncomfortable to seat on the ground ?”, she replies.

“- I'm used to it, Citrine, so don't worry about me.”, I explain to her,I like to feel the Nature involving me.”

“- If you say so...”, she says, proceeding to lay herself down on the rock afterwards, while I drop my back on the grass and put my hands on my fat belly.

We stay quiet, admiring that night, which is now more beautiful, comforting and relaxing thanks to Citrine's presence. It's a peaceful, sweet silence to our ears, where the soundtrack was conducted by the soft sound of a calm wind that passes between the trees and by our bodies, enveloping us in a gentle “hug”.

We staid several minutes in contact with Nature, when she breaks the silence and comments:

“- To think I have been missing such good things like this....”

“- Life in this world is not only made of chaos, pain and injustice, Citrine.”, I reply,“- It's also made of justice, peace and joy. Like in the 'yin and yang' concept, the positive and negative aspects of life complete and blend with each other, y'know...Peace doesn't exist without chaos; reason isn't complete without the feelings; light can't be complete without darkness and so on.”

“- Oh, the 'yin and yang' concept...I've read about it and it's pretty interesting.”, she says,“- However, you wish that this society could be balanced, because this planet has more 'yang' than 'yin' and therefore this mess.”

I sigh due her negativism and replies:

“- C'mon, Citrine! There must be at least something you liked, appreciated or even loved from this planet.”

She then laughs for a moment and replies, ceding to my curiosity:

“- Fine, Goblinko, I confess: including the natural environment of this planet, I also liked from another thing.”

“- And what would it be ?”, I say, to which she replies:

“- I liked how, despite their differences in languages, ideologies, sexual orientations, tastes, opinions and other particularities...Some beings, be it humans or anthropomorphic animals like you, can love and respect each other. It is good to know that there is still beings out there who are disposed to contribute for a more fair, equal, clever and organized society.”

And them our debate became deep but healthy, with me saying:

“- The good and evil are inside in all conscious beings, Citrine. It's up to us to weigh our choices.”

“- Remembering that there is no good or bad choices;”, she comments, “- All choices we make depend of the situation, however, that's no excuse for arrogance, prejudice or other despicable acts.”

“- Exactly. Some of our choices can harm or help someone indirectly, be they 'good' or 'evil'.”, I reply.

“- Which make us question: Aren't 'good' and 'evil' relative ?” , she comments, “- Which is the limit of the moral ? Which is the limit of justice ? When the 'good' becomes 'evil' and vice versa ?”

And I actually like from her "thought provoking" questions. I've asked myself about them, and I guess I may have some of the answers:

“- Great but complicated questions. As if my reality is different from yours, my code of morals and conduct, my ethics, my thoughts, my personality and my opinions will differ a lot from yours. I've created my own reality, you created your own reality and therefore, what is right to me can be wrong to you; what is 'nasty' to me can be 'nice' to you. Of course, we may agree in certain points, however, as I said, we're gonna have different points of view in other topics. So, I guess that 'good' and 'evil' are relative because these concepts change from being to being. Therefore, there may be contradictions and disagreements.”

Due to my argument, Citrine lifts herself up while staying sit on the rock, smiles and claps for a moment at me. I then turn my head and looks to her to see her pretty smile as she says:

“- Very nice, 'Bob'. It seems that you have learned some good concepts in your journey. Now I can understand one of the reasons why this planet is bizarre as it is: some people want to 'enforce' their own realities on everybody, disregarding the origins and personalities of these beings for sheer insecurity, ignorance or even prejudice, I think.”

Then, she makes a serious face and replies, with a skeptic face:

“- And, coming to think about it, this is what mostly religious sects from this world do, specially the popular ones. Not to mention their rules, doctrines and impositions which, sometimes, border on madness.”

Oh my, she mentioned a polemic topic. Not that I'm a religious person but....Never mind. After all, she's an alien and where she came from her race could care less about the religions of my planet. Also, she has a point. Nobody deserves to have his life dictated by someone and may cause serious personality development issues on a being.

After taking a deep breath, I reply:

“- Religions in general were created mostly with the purpose of being a 'ready-made' answer for all the questions related to life and death, Citrine, and also to try to explain the inexplicable. However, as I said before, life is moved by questions, because, once we have only answers, we slowly stop to walk and eventually we get stuck in the same place in the Journey of Life. Also, mostly of time, many religions like to tell everyone that they carry the 'ultimate and absolute truth' in their ideologies, which, as I pointed out, is a complete rubbish statement. This kind of confession only leads to endless arguments between religious and non-religious people, which leads to nowhere.”

“- Yes, I have noticed it mostly of time.", she replies, in a serious tone, “- They also do not allow you to think or question the world you Earthlings live in, their doctrines, laws and words because either their 'almighty god' or deity said so or fear to lose followers. I mean, if their god is so powerful, loving and diligent, why things like social inequality and violence still exist ? Why this world is disharmonious as it is ? Why some of the followers of these gods live a life of submission, fear of punishments, guilt, fanatism, ignorance, madness and low self-esteem ? I wonder if religions are really necessary for the growth of a society....”

“- I like to compare some religions to the tale of the 'white elephant', 'cuz, in my opinion, it's not only useless but also costly: it costs your economies, your sanity, your ambitions, your dreams, your personality and your whole life.”, I commented with a calm yet serious expression.

She looks at me with a sad expression and says in a soft tone:

“- If...If your opinion is solid, then... I feel sorry for those who want to live a life full of illusions and lies know... can't live their lives to the fullest, like you...”

“- Yeah.”I comment, “- These people prefer to live in their imaginary 'security bubbles' than enjoy their own lives and improve themselves. Many of them live like walking zombies: they think they're alive however they're actually dead, because all their energies, thoughts and life force are now deposited in dogmas, imaginary beings, religious leaders and a faith moved by the feelings and the imagination. My fur chills when I think of such nightmare.”

“- ...and these people say that we're the insane ones for disagreeing and criticizing, in a respectable way, their ideology.", she complements, smiling but dumbfounded with these kinds of behavior she saw, “- They simply blend respect to people with respect to religions, which is just silly. Ideologies can not be compared to beings, because, you know, they are ideals! They are not organic, they do not breath, eat, drink, walk or run, you know. Therefore, they are not passive to be questioned.”

I then, replied with a 'mini essay' (Hi, hi, hi, hi, hi.....):

“- You wish they could be simply resumed to ideologies, something that doesn't pass the barrier of 'personal'. Instead we get this 'mess' you talk about, where some people desperately promote their religions and beliefs as the 'true and honest' one and carrying 'absolute truths' with them. They also say that if you follow them, all your problems will be solved, be it material or 'spiritual', when actually mostly of these problems would be solved if the person stopped to think for a moment and find resources to solve his or her problems in therapies, meditations, books, advises, life experiences, researches and even having a good talk with a friend or have a consultation with a psychologist.

However, he or she are free to find resources in some religions as long as they encourage you to question, to think by yourself, to let you to be yourself and have your own personality, like Taoism, for instance. It has some very interesting concepts of life, like the 'yin and yang' we mentioned before, and I'm pretty sure that its followers don't get offended or defensive when you question their ideologies.”

She then makes a serious face and says the following:

“- To me, mostly religions in this planet are becoming like big enterprises: they are organizations, corporations, even conglomerates, with each one disputing their spaces around the world by all sorts of means. No wonder I have heard some people call it the 'industry of faith', because this is one of the most 'lucrative business' out there, where the most benefited ones are the bosses of this...this sick and insane business, which literally brainwashes people...I wish this thing could be over already....”

Then, we stay in an awkward silence, looking to each other with thoughtful looks. Oh my, she's so intelligent and eloquent. Not to mention, how beautiful her fit yellow body is.

And that gorgeous eyes, which are as beautiful and shiny as this night...I'm slowly falling in love over her. He, he, he.

Then I break the silence, saying in a calm voice:

“- If only they could admire the single things of life and learn with 'her', like us....”

“-If only they knew what we knew...”, she replies with a calm voice, slowly smiling to me.

“- If only...”, I say, still with a calm and low voice.

Then, we look to each other once again, but now exchanging looks and smiles. I hope this is a signal of a more deep relationship. Love is finally reaching us...And soon I'll have my 'third grade' contact with this wise, fabulous and beautiful alien girl.

Journey Of Life - Chapter 2
Oh, boy, oh, boy. Here comes the most controversial chapter of this little romance.

Yes, I know that not all religious people are fanatics. And If my characters offended somebody out there then I'm sorry. My purpose wasn't that but to show that Life has much more to offer to those that open their minds and heart in order to get deeper on its Journey.

Alien Hominid is © The Behemoth and Dan Paladin.


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